Blog Sofico Thursday : First project !

Cette semaine, Karlien Coppens, Business Consutlant chez Sofico, écrit chaque jour un blog pour Références.

Sofico is a leading international provider of software solutions & services for Automotive Finance, Leasing, Fleet & Mobility management with over 25 years of experience. Our software ‘Miles’ is based on strong business expertise and state-of-the-art technologies. Our headquarters are based in GHENT. Our core values are innovation, team spirit, creativity, customer-orientation and a constant drive for results. 

Three months after I started and towards the end of the training period, a new project commenced at Sofico, and I was given the chance to take part straight away. As a new starter, this was my first opportunity to experience the full life cycle of a project. In the initial phase, senior business consultants held workshops with the customer to explain how the business processes would be implemented in Miles. Customers are given the opportunity to set out their requirements clearly so that the software package can be adapted to their needs. I took notes during the workshops and incorporated the customer’s requirements into a document. Once this phase was complete and the documents approved, the implementation phase commenced. The proposed solutions are systematically incorporated into the software package and the program is handed over to the customer in several phases so that the customer can test it module by module. So far I have assisted in the configuration of two modules. I still make a lot of mistakes but I enjoy the work immensely. I’m learning a lot every day and am surrounded by wonderful, capable colleagues. I’m already looking forward to the project go-live, which is when the leasing company abandons its old software program for good and switches to Miles. I’m interested to see what the future holds for Sofico, and I hope we can expect a new crop of motivated starters in September!

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