Sofico's blog, monday : Calling Generation Y

Name : Jan De Veylder
Function : Business Consultant
Company : Sofico Services

Sofico is a leading international provider of software solutions & services for asset, finance leasing & fleet mobility management with 25 years of experience. Our software ‘Miles’ is based on strong business expertise and state-of-the-art technologies. Our headquarters are based in GHENT. Our core values are innovation, team spirit, creativity, customer-orientation and a constant drive for results. 

Take a step back to 2010, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Nearly 30, having survived the crisis with a steady job as a consultant, a company car, an apartment in the most beautiful city in Belgium (Ghent, in case that was not clear), in other words, everything one expects from a member of Generation Y. But as is typical for this generation - which assumes that anything goes, anything is possible and you must be able to achieve anything too - that was not enough.  The need for a, please excuse my language, "new challenge" was growing.

So began the search for the new ideal job. With an updated résumé in hand, I got down to work on employment websites. After a few hours browsing through all the job offers and company websites I came across two vacancies that appealed to me: a job at one of the Big 4 and Sofico. After the usual round of interviews, personality and competency tests, I found myself in the envious position: which job do I choose? On the one hand, one of the Big 4, which would give my CV a big boost. And on the other hand, Sofico, unknown territory to me, but with an international aspect (the vacancy notice promised up to 50% of your time spent abroad). After much deliberation, I decided in favour of the Big 4. Now I had to tell Corinne, the HR manager of Sofico my news. During that conversation, Corinne did ask me to think for a moment about the possibilities and potential of Sofico and so I decided to go for this option!

Starting a new job is always exciting. That first-day-at-school feeling soon comes over you. The beginning was a bit difficult: the crisis meant that the first project that I was supposed to work on was cancelled, and self-study became the order of the day. Because there was temporarily less work in Europe and a major project on the books in Australia, I was asked if I would like to move to the other side of the world for 3 months to relieve the understaffing problem at the local Sofico office. What can you say to that? I had never had the slightest interest in Australia. Not to travel there (too far, too expensive, too hot, too G'day mate-lingo), let alone live there! But it struck me as a unique opportunity for an international experience, so the yes-man in me grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

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