Sofico's blog, wednesday : International Business Consultant

Name : Jan De Veylder
Function : Business Consultant
Company : Sofico Services

Sofico is a leading international provider of software solutions & services for asset, finance leasing & fleet mobility management with 25 years of experience. Our software ‘Miles’ is based on strong business expertise and state-of-the-art technologies. Our headquarters are based in GHENT. Our core values are innovation, team spirit, creativity, customer-orientation and a constant drive for results.


Back in Belgium I didn't just give up. An international leasing and fleet management group brought in Sofico to streamline and optimize their processes and systems across their various European sites. Which site did we start with? … Spain! From Sydney to Barcelona, it could definitely have been worse. 

While all of this may sound glamorous, the work involved should not be underestimated. Every two to three weeks, on a plane to hold workshops for the customer, where you have to understand their requirements fast yet in depth, and convert these into a satisfactory solution. But the contact with the customer, optimizing their work and processes, the changing environment, that is what is really fascinating about this job.

After Barcelona, it was time to head to Rome. It hardly qualified as a punishment to have to fly there a few times each month. Meanwhile, I continued to think of my time in Australia and the generation Y effect reared its head again: everything is possible, so follow your passion. I let my team leader know that I was a candidate if there was a need for additional people in the Australian office. I kept repeating this message. One morning, while was working in Rome, I got the e-mail that I had been hoping for but did not expect so soon. The subject: ‘SSA', or Sofico Services Australia. I knew the time that I had been hoping for had come: a new assignment in Australia for 3 months!

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