Privacy Policy

Protection of privacy takes care of your personal data!

The public limited company ROSSEL & Cie, Rue royale 100 à 1000 Brussel (n° BCE 0403.537.816), the company responsible for publishing the site, member of Rossel Group respects the privacy of its users and clients and is in strict compliance with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 as amended by the law of 11 December 1998 on the protection of privacy.

When you register as a User, Client or thereafter, you have free access to your data so that you may request that they be rectified, changed or deleted if necessary. Sometimes we allow some companies to send you offers that we think might be of interest to you. In this case, you will also have free access to your data so that you may request that they be rectified, changed or deleted if necessary.

The data you communicate, automatically of manually, are saved and used in the database of ROSSEL & Cie, rue Royale 100 à 1000 Bruxelles (n° BCE 0403.537.816) which manage the files. As file manager, yhe company undertakes not to divulge to the information that the client may communicate to it, unless you have authorised us to do so. In addition, you may opt at any time - and free of charge - not to allow the processing of your data to continue by sending us a simple request to this effect, either by post or by email.

The User or the client may refuse to receive the promotional messages of the commercial partners of ROSSEL Group and, on their registration or - once registered - by modifying their personal data online.

When you communicate your personal data to us, you indicate your consent for them to be processed in the databases of Rossel Group. The personal data that you send yourself shall be processed with the following objective:

  • To share your data and Curriculum Vitae saved or automatically recovered by the file manager.
  • to send you periodically - after your online registration - the job offers that most closely correspond to your profile;
  • to notify you about our new products and services, in particular by sending you by email information that may interest you, for example other open job vacancies, jobs events (Talentum Régions, etc.) and associated messages. We can provide you with this information using a wide range of different communication channels;
  • send your contact details to potentially interested employers;
  • send you our information letters, newsletters, etc.;
  • allow for improved management of our websites and the services that we are able to offer you;
  • send you information concerning careers and events linked to the world of work.

Want to update or delete data? No problem!

In accordance with the provisions of the law on the protection of privacy, you will at all times have the right to consult your personal data and adapt it if necessary. Naturally you may also cancel your subscription (to specific information letters or fully). Please note in such cases: once you have fully unsubscribed, your data will be deleted. You may make any modifications very simply by going to your Profile. also allows you to subscribe to a number of different electronic newsletters. These newsletters contain information concerning your career and the job offers corresponding to your personal profile. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time. After this, you will no longer receive any more newsletters in your inbox. will send you an email on a regular basis to provide you with more substantial information on the new services that it is able to offer you. If you do not wish to receive messages of this kind, you can notify us of this by email. In this case, we will endeavour to process your request as quickly as possible.

ROSSEL & Cie reminds you that information intended for the client must not be divulged to any third parties. The client shall be liable for any unauthorised use of this confidential information that is attributable to the client.

ROSSEL & Cie uses the client's personal details, which have been collected and processed within the framework of their registration and which are required for the performance of the services offered by In the event that any legal provisions require the specific consent of the client for the communication of specific data, the client may - upon registration - refuse to give their consent by clicking on the corresponding button to deactivate it. The consent given by the client may be withdrawn by the client at any time in the profile or simply by sending an email.

Your personal data will be kept securely

Your personal data will be kept by in a secure manner. They shall not be accessible to third parties or employees of who do not have the access rights required. The number of people who have access to your personal data is consequently kept strictly to a minimum. In addition, we have strict protection checks with a view to preventing any unauthorised access and any misuse of your personal data.

Cookie policy

When you consult our site Refé, cookies are placed on your computer, mobile or tablet.

Our site is designed to be attentive to the needs and expectations of our readers. It is for this reason among others that we use cookies, for example in order to identify you and access your profile. This page allows you to have a better understanding of how cookies work and how to parametrise them.

Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a text file placed on the hard disk of your computer, mobile device or tablet when you visit a site or view an advert. Its purpose is to collect information about your browsing and to direct appropriate services to your terminal.

The cookie contains a unique code that makes it possible to recognise your browser when you visit the website or on the occasion of future repeated visits. Cookies may be placed by the server of the website that you are visiting or by the partners with whom the website collaborates. The server of a website can only read the cookies that it has placed itself and does not have access to any other information located on your computer or mobile device.

Cookies allow for a generally much easier and swifter interaction between the visitor and the website. Indeed, they memorise your preferences (selected language or video format for example) and thus allow you to speed up any subsequent access to the site and to facilitate your visits.

In addition, they help you to navigate between the various sections of the website. Cookies may also be used to make the content of a website or the advertising in place better adapted to the choices, personal tastes and needs of the visitor.

Information gathered in this way is anonymous and does not allow for your personal identification. Indeed, the information linked to cookies may not be linked to a surname and/or first name as it does not contain any personal data.

Cookies are managed by your web browser. Use of cookies requires your prior and express consent. You may always change your decision subsequently and reject these cookies and/or delete them at any time by changing your browser settings.

The various senders

1. Cookies on our site réfé

These are cookies placed by on your terminal to meet needs relating to browsing, optimisation and the personalisation of services on our site.

Browsing cookies

These cookies are required to allow visits to our website or the use of certain parts thereof.

They make it possible to:

  • navigate between the various sections of the website;
  • fill in a profile and forms;
  • check your identity in a secure way before granting access to your personal information when a profile or personal account has been created.

If you do not allow these cookies, the functioning of certain sections of the website shall be altered or suspended.

Function cookies

These cookies are used to facilitate and analyse the functioning of our website and to make its use more agreeable and personalised.

They make it possible to:

  • personalise services by memorising your preferences (language selection, format, payment, location, etc.) and avoid you having to re-enter your contact details or repeat your selections on each visit to our site;
  • gather the information that you enter into the profile and online forms;
  • draw up statistics for visits and technical performance;
  • analyse use of our website and visitors' interest in its content.

2. Third party cookies

These are cookies placed by third party companies, partners or commercial enterprises to identify your areas of interest and possibly personalise their advertising offer which is directed to you on and outside of our site.

They may be placed when you browse on our site or when you click on the adverts on our site.

Within the framework of a partnership, we ensure that partner companies strictly comply with the provisions of the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data and undertake to implement appropriate measures for the security and protection of the confidentiality of data.

The cookies are placed via our sites by third parties, such as for example: Google, CIM, etc.

They make it possible to:

  • improve the content and functioning of our site through the use of Google Analytics, CIM Metriweb, etc.;
  • to perform follow-up of the advertising spaces on other sites and to optimise them using the specialist tools of the management sites for these spaces.