FINEDUC BELGIUM pour {Epitech.}

Contact: Marie-Charlotte SCHOTS

Rue Royale 196

Tél : 0491207509

À propos de FINEDUC BELGIUM pour {Epitech.}

Epitech prepares students for the ever-evolving professional environment through unique learning methods:

  • A modern model built on experience, oriented towards action and project development, enriching theory through practical application.
  • An active model, which turns a passive class participant into an active self-starter living in the passion-driven context which embraces innovation and initiative.
  • A unique model, which provides the new and essential elements of success: team-work, adaptation, global orientation, innovation, creativity, and above all a sense of personal investment.

Epitech is not only a curriculum in tune with the times and the information and communication technology sector. It is also an education that personally enriches students by building their character, opening them to change and to others. This permits immediate, yet sustainable, success.

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