Contact: Delphine Connan

Avenue de l'hopital, 1 - Bat B34 - étage +3

Tél : 042876348

À propos de VITRICELL SA

VitriCell is a spin-off company aiming at providing standard and controlled solutions for safe and efficient cryopreservation of most- if not all- cell types currently used in biological research, cell therapy and medically assisted procreation.

VitriCell offers innovative and efficient solutions for cryopreserving cells and embryos, even the most fragile. Aseptic vitrification in chemically defined media is the basis of its unique technology. It allows obtaining optimal survival yields while keeping unchanged the biological properties of most if not all cell types, including embryos.

VitriCell aims to conquer the cell cryopreservation by providing the scientific community with its unique expertise in cell vitrification and by commercializing standardized and QC vitrification kits usable for most of the cells, including embryos (human & vet).

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