Contact: Cédric Hananel

Avenue de Broqueville, 12

Tél : +3226465881

À propos de ARCTIK SPRL

ARCTIK is a Brussels-based communications agency recognised for its strategic and creative communication capacity in the field of sustainability. Arctik develops tailored public relations and communication strategies that take both objectives and resulting impact into account. We facilitate the creation of communities and networks that contribute towards circulating content, whilst cultivating meaningful dialogues and synergies between influencers and decision-makers

Arctik has substantial experience in designing and implementing communication campaigns and projects which mix creative communication, interactivity and sustainability. We believe in communication campaigns which provide a setting where opportunities are created, and knowledge is shared between actors. It is an occasion to convey a message and collect insights and intelligence.

Our team has a strong commitment to sustainability. We incorporate sustainable values into operations and consider environmental and social factors in every business decision, while encouraging our partners and clients to think circular! Arctik is also registered to obtain the Brussels ‘Enterprise eco-dynamique’ label.

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