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vendredi 24 février 2017
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dimanche 26 mars 2017
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Role Description:
The Application Owner will be responsible for managing several  IT applications in our landscape.  He/she is responsible for structural stability of the applications, and manages several technical/risk/policy related processes. 
The Application Owner manages the technical roadmap of the application, and makes sure that the projects that run through the application domain, comply to roadmap/standards/policies.

Role Responsibilities:
• Ensure/follow-up structural availability, stability and performance of the applications in your domain (PRD, UAT, SIT);
• Organize L3 support for the application, with development teams ;
• Ensure policy-compliance for the application, identify and own projects necessary to ensure policy-compliance (e.g. security monitoring);
• Manage the technical roadmap of the application (technology roadmap compliance), estimate/budget capacity needed;
• Participate in Domain Expert Meetings and in cost estimates of projects (including Run The Bank, also total application cost);
• Define non-functional requirements and ensure that project teams apply these in projects;
• Validate deliverables for all projects/changes that run through the application, e.g. test plans, analysis documents;
• Ensure availability of all necessary application/service knowledge and documentation

Experience/ Exposure:
• Minimum 6 years’ experience in a in a similar role.
• Experience in working in Risk, IT Run the Bank and Support domains;
• Knowlege of risk related frameworks (COBIT, ISO 27K)
• Experience in working on technical risk management/audit subjects;
• Technical background required, experience in Java Enterprise environment with knowledge of web- and application- servers is a plus;
• Hands-on ITIL experience is a plus.

Education/ Qualifications:
• Degree from an accredited college or university with a concentration in Business, Economics or Computer Science.
• Strong competencies  regarding business & financial management in an IT-environment
• Strong in communicating & collaborating with all stakeholders (business & IT)
• Planning/Organizing: Able to manage work but also to make the estimate, scheme in detail, work on deployment plans and manage dead lines..
• Flexibility: This skill requires the ability of controlling multiple assignments and tasks in which you can identify their important level then decide which should be done first, which should be last. You also need to adjust the tasks to suit with real condition and assignments.
• Problem-solving: Ability to manage unexpected events; control and deal with them quickly and efficiently. When confronted with a problem, you will need to collect information, analyze situation, point out solutions and apply them to solves perfectly in reasonable time.
• Proven skills in all business management activities
• Fluent in English, French and/or Dutch
• Strong  in process analysis