T PT Information Assistant for Public Affairs FR/ENG (m/v)

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jeudi 27 avril 2017
Date limite
samedi 27 mai 2017
Unique Brussel Max Office
Niveau d'expérience
2 à 5 ans d'expérience
Type de contrat
Temps de travail

Public Institution

Job Description
Social Media Content Development
Supports French-language social media engagement for the Department's flagship French language social media property
Works closely with the Hub's social media team to develop content in line with Works with the French language spokesperson to develop content for the platforms.
Works to increase and expand the Hub's social media presence in French and to identify and engage with online influencers.
Working with the Hub's senior audio/visual technician, develops digital content in French and English pertaining to high-priority policy issues and for events involving high-level USG officials.
Edits and posts video clips and photos on Department platforms and circulates content to press contacts and Posts as appropriate.
Assists with the production and editing of interviews and video clips recorded in the Hub's studio.

Coordination and Review of French-Language Translations
Reviews French-language texts to ensure accurate and timely translations.
Checks the accuracy and appropriateness of French translations for distribution to media contacts and for posting on social media platforms.
Distributes French-language translated materials to media contacts.
As needed, translates content into French, including statements, releases, correspondence, and social media materials for distribution to French-speaking audiences.

Media Monitoring and Production of Analytical Products
Serves as a back-up drafter of the EUR Media Narratives daily media analysis.
In a back-up capacity, monitors European media for key narratives, both positive and negative.
In coordination with the EUR Media Narratives team and the Hub Director, prepares media analyses on specific topics tasked by Washington or identified locally.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in marketing, communications, journalism or international relations
  • 3 years' professional experience, preferably in the communications, media, or marketing fields.Prior work with social media and digital content development is a must.
  • Fluent French and English

Salary and Benefits
Temporary position (100days) - half time ! 24h/week.
Great Salary package - extra benefits