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vendredi 25 août 2017
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lundi 25 septembre 2017
Julie Begine
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eXPErt services for eXPErt professionals.
That's XPE. For one of our clients we are looking for: Project Support Organisation description:

XPE Pharma & Science offers a unique combination of providing high qualified Scientific, Technical, Commercial and/or Medical expertise through staffing, consultancy, Project management or Project delivery services.

We have more than 250 XPErts helping out our clients in different phases of the development process of a drug/medical device or product.

As a full service organization XPE Pharma & Science offers those specialized HR & project services to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical devices, Agri-food Industries and the Healthcare & CRO environment.

Project Management comprises an array of activities that lead to the successfull completion of a project. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Initialization and planning of project phases
  • Development of the project cost structure & cost controlling
  • Scheduling control
  • Tracking and reporting on project deliverables
  • Application of project management processes and tools

Project management is accomplished by the application of proven processes and tools with the goal of ensuring the consistent delivery of high quality services and/or solutions which meet client requirements.

On a more advanced level, project management ensures that several projects are connected for technical or functional reasons.

The role of Project Support is to support the Project Management Team in creating a balance in the time and scope of executing projects under the direct supervision of the Project Manager.

As Project Support, you are responsible for supervising projects in progress and ensures that all issues related to the projects are clarified and completed to avoid confusion and interruption during execution of projects.

As Project Support you follow and apply project management methodologies, tools and practices which are based on PMBOK.

Job description:


  • Follow and apply project management methodologies, tools and practices which are based on PMBOK
  • Writes meeting minutes
  • Helps create specific strategies for easier and effective execution of projects
  • Maintains contacts with potential stakeholders who may be interested in investing in projects
  • Keeps records of all information related to project for documentation, clarification and presentation to management
  • Produces updates on project planning
  • Provides schedules & cost modells
  • Makes follow-up of reporting indicators
  • Logs and collates timesheets

You have an first experience in project administration, preferable experience in the Pharmaceutical industry.

You have an University degree and you speak English (& French).


What do we offer? Well for this position you will start as a Consultant at XPE Pharma & Science. As a consultant you will get an interesting salary package (contract of unlimited term) and extra-legal advantages!

If you are still interested, don't hesitate to apply…We have 2 working days to present your application with our client.

XPE is a part of the Adecco group, one of the top 5 companies for 'Best Place To Work'.

XPE Personnel Services NV/SA: Flanders: VG15/BU, Brussels: B-AA5.031, Wallonia: W.RS.002/W.INT.002
XPE Group NV/SA : Flanders: VG1834/B, Brussels: B-AA11.007, Wallonia: W.RS.713