Fire Safety Engineer (Master)

Bel V is a subsidiary of the FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control) and is in charge of the regulatory control in nuclear power plants and other nuclear and radiological installations in Belgium (research reactors …).

We are looking for a Fire Safety Engineer for the control of the Belgian nuclear installations for our offices in Brussels (Anderlecht).

The Fire Safety Engineer is in charge of the following tasks:

  • To work in team on the safety evaluation of fire protection programs for nuclear installations, in particular Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) and probabilistic studies on fire risk and fire protection (Fire PSA) for nuclear power plants;
  • To evaluate dossiers on fire safety submitted by the licensees of nuclear installations and discussion of the results with the licensees and their contractors providing analyses of installations;
  • Participate in thematic inspections on fire protection in nuclear installations;
  • Participate in (mostly international) research & development activities concerning fire protection;
  • Participate in international working groups.

Depending on the experience, the Fire Safety Engineer can also be involved in:

  • The evaluation of safety assessments for ventilation systems in nuclear installations;
  • Analysis of protection against external hazards (large external fire, explosion ...).


  • The Fire Safety Engineer holds a degree of master in engineering sciences.
  • An additional training in Fire Safety Engineering (or similar experience) is an important asset.
  • You have experience in fire protection, through safety evaluations and/or inspections.
  • You have an excellent level of Dutch or French.
  • You have a functional knowledge of the other national language to be able to communicate with your stakeholders both in the Dutch and French speaking part of the country.
  • You have a good working knowledge of English (reading, writing and speaking).
  • You dispose of excellent communication skills and diplomacy to establish a constructive dialogue with the licensee.
  • You like to work in team and are also able to manage dossiers autonomously.
  • You can anticipate situations and adapt to the realities in the field.


Bel V offers a permanent employment contract (no free-lance contract possible) with various advantages:

  • competitive gross salary in accordance with your experience.
  • Meal vouchers, cell phone, laptoppensionplan and medical insurance (favourable rate for family members).
  • A monthly “mobility” budget (with possibility to opt for a company car and/or public transport card, etcetera).
  • Minimum 31 holidays/year.
  • trainingpackage during your whole career, both linguistic and technical.
  • flexible work schedule of 38 hours/week.
  • modern and comfortable work environment (along the canal, a few minutes from metro station Bizet).
  • pleasant and intellectually motivating work atmosphere with 80 employees (of which 60 engineers).

Interested ?

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Click on "APPLY NOW" and upload your CV.
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For questions, contact Patricia De Brandt on the number +32 2 528 03 83
The reference number for this function is: RF25821

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