Mail Clerk (m/v)

mercredi 4 octobre 2017
Date limite
samedi 4 novembre 2017
Unique Brussel Max Office
Niveau d'expérience
0 à 2 ans d'expérience
Type de contrat
Temps de travail

Our client is situated in the centre of Brussels.

Job Description

  • Handles the dispatch of incoming and outgoing diplomatic pouch, mail, and local mail
  • Prepares diplomatic pouches for official and unofficial mail shipments. Invoices and registers pouches in chronological order. Sorts and distributes incoming pouch and official and personal mail.
  • Responsible for mail handling and visual screening of mail bags, and takes appropriate action whenever a mail item looks suspicious or tampering of the mail bag is detected.
  • Follows security procedures, provides visual oversight, and enforces pouch regulations set forth in the Convention on diplomatic relations.
  • Processes and dispatches incoming and outgoing Belgium and international mail.
  • Determines correct and accurate postage for all official mail sent via Belgian postal system and dispatches same utilizing postal franking machine.
  • Processes and dispatches incoming and outgoing special shipments via courier, UPS, DHL and FedEx.
  • Arranges logistical support for attaining, storing, staging, and delivering of pouches, coordinates with embassies and consulates, detects and resolves delays or other problems, adjusts plans and schedules, and provides customer service.
  • Maintains postal supplies at proper levels to ensure availability when needed – forms, envelopes, boxes, etc.
  • Ensures that all mail is labeled and forms completed correctly for outgoing mail.
  • Ensures that all postal equipment is maintained and functioning properly.
  • Maintains postal operations records in compliance with regulations.
  • Establishes working relationships with local airport, airline, transportation contractors, and transportation officials, works with local contacts to detect and resolve problems, supports VIP visits, uses computers to maintain a database of diplomatic pouch information and records, responds to queries related to pouch tracking, generates inventories, worksheets, and other reports, maintains internal management controls in order to prevent waste, fraud, and mismanagement.

Job Requirements

  • Completion of secondary/high school.
  • Prior experience in mail handling is desirable. Logistics experience preferred.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office and Windows 7.
  • Fluency in English/Dutch/French
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Windows 7.
  • Must provide excellent customer service and exhibit superior interpersonal skills.
  • Must maintain a neat work environment.
  • Must maintain accurate records.
  • Must be detail oriented.
  • Must possess excellent math skills.
  • Must be proficient in computer operations and be able to accurately operate a calculator and automated postal equipment.
  • Must be adaptable – regulations, processes, local and remote computer applications change frequently.
  • Must draft accurate and clear guidelines and general correspondence in English.

Salary and Benefits

Nice salary package with advantages.