Maintenance Team Leader

jeudi 8 mars 2018
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dimanche 8 avril 2018
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Redu Space services (RSS) has a vacancy for a member of the Maintenance Team at the ESA/ESEC Redu in the Ardenne region of Belgium.

In this position you will:

  • People Management: 
  1. Manage a team of 6 people;
  2. Oversee the day-to-day activities of work group/team;
  3. Be accountable for work group/team results;
  4. Assign tasks and check work at frequent intervals;
  5. Maintain orderly work processes by coordinating work flow and work quality;
  6. Build an environment that supports cooperation and cohesiveness among the work team and with other areas within the organization;
  7. Manage the performance and development of direct reports;
  8. Provide input for training plan;
  9. Resolve problems through immediate actions or short-term planning and sets priorities to ensure task completion. 
  • Duties:
  1. Organise preventive/corrective maintenance activities;
  2. Ensure that all necessary testing are done to monitor the status of plant equipment;
  3. Monitor the activities of all plant contractors;
  4. Maintain the documentation of related equipment and systems;
  5. Generate all technical documents like spare and repair requests, especially anomaly reports in due time;
  6. Ensure that log books and PM reports are filled up;
  7. List of  dedicated activities:
    • Power plant (High & low voltage)
    • Electro mechanical activities such as antennae, servos, etc…
    • Radio frequency knowledge would be considered as an asset
    • HVAC and heating
    • Lighting protections
    • Electrical power distribution
    • Water distribution, water treatment
    • Gas
    • Entrance gates
    • Cable trays
  •  Ideal candidates should meet the following criteria:
  1. Have a Bachelor or Master degree in electronics;
  2. At least 5 years of experience;
  3. Good analytical skills;
  4. Ability to manage the team;
  5. Good knowledge of Microsoft Office;
  6. Fluent in French and  English;
  7. Team Worker/ Autonomous / Customer facing.

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