Research Team Leader Algorithms and Applications

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samedi 19 mai 2018
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mardi 19 juin 2018
Andrea Baetens
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5 à 10 ans d'expérience
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eXPErt services for eXPErt professionals.
That's XPE. For one of our clients we are looking for: Research Team Leader Algorithms and Applications Organisation description:

Our client is an organisation you can be proud to be part of. They are the global leader in implantable hearing solutions. Around the world, they help hundreds of thousands of customers to connect to family, friends and the world of sound.

Within the Advanced Innovation division, the Algorithms and Applications (A&A) team matures concepts and ideas in the area of algorithms (electrical and acoustical sound coding, objective measures, clinical workflow, monitoring and troubleshooting, data science, control algorithms) and applications (user interfaces, surgical applications, clinician applications and user engagement) to a maturity level where they are ready for implementation into platforms accessible to Product Development teams and/or Third parties (internal or external)

This position combines two roles with the Algorithms and Applications department, a part-time role as Research Team Leader (67%) and a part-time role as Research Program Leader (33%). The research program leadership is initially for the area “Connect Health”, although the size of the program and the topic may evolve.

Job description:

In the role of Research Team Leader, and as a Member of the Algorithms & Applications management team, you

  • Share the accountability for the definition of a strong portfolio of research and development projects, matching the vision, strategy and roadmap of Advanced Innovation, and for the implementation in his site.
  • Work with the colleagues to ensure the best decisions are taken at the Algorithms & Applications level, in the interest of all, above his/her department interest.
  • Work with his/her Research Program leaders to define strong teams to perform the agreed research projects
  • Support the local team members in optimally performing the research activities
  • Represent the company in external interactions building a strong image of Cochlear Company as the Innovation leader.

In the role of Research Program Leader, and a Member of the Algorithms & Applications management team, you:

  • Are accountable for the strategy definition and implementation of part of the A&A research portfolio
  • Work with the Research Team Leaders to compose strong global teams to perform the agreed research projects
  • Drive the execution of the research program, by frequent interaction with the research project managers and the teams
  • Ensure frequent communication with the Segment managers and other stakeholders on the progress and results of the research program

This function requires a strong alignment between various stakeholders, principally:

  • The Team Leaders and Research Program Leaders within the A&A department
  • The Advanced Innovations Segment Managers
  • The Advanced Clinical Manager
  • The technology groups within the Advanced Innovation division and/or Product Development departments
  • The clinical research organisations within the regional business units

Manage and inspire the local research staff

  • Create a strong and effective innovation culture at the site.
  • Attract, develop and retain the best team and top talent, to deliver Cochlear's current and future business objectives.
  • Ensure the skills profiles of her/his team are adjusted to the development of tomorrow's solutions.
  • Ensure the team has enough flexibility to absorb priority changes and project allocation changes across segments.
  • Lead by influence other resources that may not be reporting into him/her but contribute to the Algorithms and Applications research portfolio
  • Implement and manage the agreed Operating Mechanisms, e.g. by setting up regular communication and reporting meetings to ensure efficient execution and alignment across sites.
  • Ensure people understand and are held accountable for the leadership standards. Ensure people live the global and inclusive culture.
  • Ensure adherence to agreed operating mechanisms, Quality Standards and the QMS.
  • Lead the way in Compliance and Business ethics.
  • Demonstrate WH&S leadership through active promotion of H&S standards and ensure that people are suitably trained to perform roles effectively and safely.

Create and maintain an attractive and productive research environment

  • Develop and manage the local research infrastructure, ensuring that it meets the evolving needs of the various research programs and is compliant to the Quality Standards and QMS.
  • Support the Advanced Clinical Manager in the local implementation of an efficient and compliant clinical research activity, fully aligned with the processes and with the clinical strategy as defined by the Advanced Clinical Manager
  • Support the local implementation of the corporate IP strategy in full collaboration with the IP department, e.g. by coaching the local team in idea and invention
  • Create opportunities for team members to participate to scientific events or invited speakers

Build a strong regional research partner network

  • Identify external innovation opportunities in his region (academic research and/or start-ups) and funnels them to the various Program Managers and/or BD teams
  • Manage and strengthen the regional research partner network, active in the area of Algorithms & Applications, by interacting with the internal stakeholders (e.g. regional research) and with the regional scientific community
  • Provide opportunities for young researchers to perform internships in the research group.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the research funding opportunities and create opportunities for Cochlear to augment its research capacity by attracting regional funding for projects that are well aligned with the corporate and the Advanced Innovation research strategy.
  • Manage the execution of externally funded research projects.
  • Manage regional research collaboration contracts, initiated by the Advanced Innovation division.

Manage budget

The person is in charge of managing the local budget, and is accountable to align spending with the agreed budget. He/she will work with the Head of Algorithms & Applications and the local finance department and the various stakeholders to ensure:

  • Budget definition, within the envelope agreed with the Head of Algorithms & Applications
  • Budget and resources allocation to different projects, in alignment with the Algorithms & Applications strategy and objectives.
  • Budget tracking, forecasts & reporting

Team Role - Manager of people

  • Demonstrate active involvement in the implementation and improvement of relevant quality procedures.
  • Attract, develop and retain the best team to deliver Cochlear's current and future business objectives, for example, by:
    • Ensuring clarity of expectations for individuals and team
    • Providing regular feedback on performance
    • Providing coaching for growth and success to build individual and team capability
    • Demonstrate due diligence commitment to workplace health and safety through active involvement and implementation of the companies WHS and Injury management procedures.

    Accountabilities as Research Program Leader

    Manage a global research program

    • Define and communicate the specific research strategy, implementing the framework set by the overall Advanced Innovations strategy.
    • Continuously look out for strong project ideas, both internal and external, to achieve the research program strategy
    • Develop a global research portfolio to implement the research strategy
    • Manage the research portfolio planning and provide status reports to the Advanced Innovations MT
    • Maintain an overview of active research projects, and apply good project management practices to drive the projects efficiently to the desired research outcomes, taking into according to the company's standard processes.

    Ensure lean, effective and compliant project execution

    • Work with the Team Leaders to compose the best possible global project teams
    • Organize toll gate meetings and work with the project teams to report on the project status.
    • Work with the research team leaders to implement good working practices enabling an efficient global execution of all research projects.
    • Manage the projects within agreed upon budgets and resources.
    • Ensure lean and compliant working practices. Research projects on hearing implants require often the creation of investigation software and the execution of clinical feasibility studies. Work with the accountable process owners to follow proper working processes.
    • Review and approve the project documentation, where applicable.

    Manage external projects

    • Participate with expert knowledge to grant applications attracting funding from the regional networks
    • For externally funded projects, make sure that all required reporting is submitted in time, and work with the internal stakeholders (e.g. the local finance and people & culture manager) on the reports
    • For projects (co-)funded by Cochlear, make sure that the required research agreements (investigator initiated or Cochlear sponsored) are in place and monitor the execution of the project by defining and reviewing the quality of the deliverables and by organising regular project status meetings.

    Develop the expertise within the research program

    • Maintain and continue to develop your technical expertise and skills necessary to deliver on the research programme strategy and roadmap
    • Provide expert advice to various aspects of the business as needed to help ensure decisions are made with correct technical input and consideration
    • Mentor TSEs to develop their networking and technical skills to support the research
    • Organise and perform scouting activities (conference participation, partner network visits) in an open innovation mind set.
  • Experience in Healthcare industry (>10y), preferably within medical devices for chronic disease
  • Broad organisational experience and technical knowledge is required as the post holder will be responsible for operational and people management of the research team to achieve business targets.
  • 5y Experience in managing engineers or scientists
  • Interest in the field of hearing
  • High creativity and capacity to innovate within her/his domain
  • Experience in and ability to contribute technical knowledge to business development investment decisions at the due diligence phase.
  • People manager – grow talents, manages skill mix, optimizes organization for sustained short, mid and long-term capacity development
  • Excellent planning and execution skills, in a complex environment and with multiple priorities: Able to allocate resources and budgets aligned with the business priorities.
  • Strong communication skills; capacity to work in teams and align with stakeholders
  • Strong leadership skills – both managerial and leadership by influence
  • Ability to set up and manage collaborative technology projects with external partners
  • Agile, able to balance speed and quality
  • Excellent knowledge of technical English
  • Willingness to travel significantly

For this position you will start permanently at our client. The salary package can be discussed through phone.

XPE Personnel Services NV/SA: Flanders: VG15/BU, Brussels: B-AA5.031, Wallonia: W.RS.002/W.INT.002
XPE Group NV/SA : Flanders: VG1834/B, Brussels: B-AA11.007, Wallonia: W.RS.713

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