Zaventem (Commune), Hal-Vilvorde
lundi 30 juillet 2018
Date limite
lundi 3 septembre 2018
Niveau d'expérience
0 à 2 ans d'expérience
Type de contrat
Temps de travail
Temps plein

Provides general painting services for all US Government owned or leased properties. Installs carpet tiles and other types of flooring materials that do not require the use of power tools. Hangs wall paper and replaces ceiling tiles.

Qualification requirements:
-Secondary/Trade school with a specialty in painting.
-One year of journeyman experience.
- Must be able to judge if proper precautions were taken to prevent collateral painting damage to furniture, carpet, and other non-painted surfaces.
-Level 3 (good working knowledge) of French or Dutch is required. Level 1 (basic knowledge) of English.
-Must be able to mix paint colors, be able to understand basic painting instructions and have a valid B+ driver’s license for cars.