Customer Journey Designer

VOO est le principal opérateur de services câblés en Wallonie et à Bruxelles. Grâce aux progrès constants de la numérisation, c’est aujourd’hui bien plus que la télévision analogique : c’est également la télévision numérique, l’internet à haut débit, la téléphonie (fixe et mobile) et plein d’autres services… Le marché est en pleine évolution, rempli de challenges et pour renforcer nos équipes, nous cherchons un collaborateur passionné pour remplir la fonction suivante à Bruxelles  (h/f) :

Customer Journey Designer


The Customer Journey Designer will design experiences and value propositions for our customers that are in line with our CXP vision and corporate strategy, will prepare these for handover to business and will support business in roll-out.

Mission of the function:

  • The Customer Journey Designer owns the customer journey map which is a constantly updated description of the current customer experience within and across touchpoints and channels and of the customer needs and emotions at every step.
  • Based on recommendations on areas of improvements from VOC insights, business priorities and ideas, the Customer Journey Designer maps out the current AS IS and the desired TO BE Customer Experience, quantifies this desired state in a KPI dashboard and ambitious targets, defines through a detailed GAP analysis what this means in terms of changes for the front- and back end and ensures CX value is calculated for the redesign.
  • Following approval and onboarding of the designs he/she will guard over and provide support and guidance to business in the translation thereof into process improvements, system and communication requirements. Any deviations to the CX Design blueprint should be challenged and if approved by the business lead, should be adapted in the redesigns.

Internal customers / Output.

The output of the CX Design is towards the CXP Program Lead and Track Steercos and also to business leads of various CXP improvement projects.

The output is a CX Design blueprint that is conceptual up to scoping project level. Accountability in this function ends with this deliverable. After this, the function takes on a supporting and advisory role.

Input to this function:

The Track Steercos and CX Program Lead will provide prioritization on required journey redesign.

In order to build a good CX Design (customer journey redesign) blueprint the following input is essential:

  • current processes
  • detailed understanding of current channel experiences across the journey (mystery shopping/call analysis/install & repair visits)
  • business objectives
  • VOC (from verbatim analysis, tracker results and dedicated ad hoc research)
  • Tooling (back-end and front-end) limitations and opportunities of current and planned infrastructure
  • Corporate and CXP strategy
  • Cross company roadmap: what is coming up when and where are dependencies and threats.

In turning this blueprint into a high level change plan with short term, mid term and long term required activities, feasibility assessment is necessary together with business (as there is a dependency on budgets and resources).

Key stakeholders

In order to build a good customer journey redesign blueprint input is essential from:

  • process architects/experts
  • front-end
  • business stakeholders
  • VOC insights from verbatim analysis, tracker results and dedicated ad hoc research as required
  • IT on limitations and opportunities of current infrastructure
  • PMO
  • CX Program Lead


The Customer Journey Designer will be accountable and responsible for delivering a complete journey redesign up to blueprint level of:

  • CX areas prioritized by Senior Management and the CX Program Lead.
  • CX areas impacted and in scope of planned projects A CX Design blueprint always includes the following elements:
  • Customer personas
  • Customer journey steps (to the deepest relevant granularity level)
  • Customer needs at every step
  • Customer thoughts and emotions at every step
  • Channel requirements
  • Moments of truth and attention points
  • Impact analysis on the front- and back end.
  • Translation thereof into a list of change requirements with a recommendation on feasibility in the  short/mid/long term
  • CX Value calculation of the result.

He/she is responsible for bringing together all necessary inputs to create and deliver a CX Design Blueprint that correctly reflects the customer needs at every point, indicates moments-of-truth and painpoints and gives a view of change requirements in the right level of granularity to allow business to translate these into effective change within the freedom of business expertise.

He/she will present these CX Design Blueprints Steercos for approval and will handover these blueprints to the assigned business accountable, thereby ensuring an indepth understanding of the blueprint.

From then on he/she will support and guide business in the translation of the CX Design Blueprint into requirements, communication and process improvements. He/she must challenge any changes to the blueprint, they must be documented, the impact analyzed in terms of CX and value and the necessary sign-off obtained from the Steerco.

He/she will use a uniform methodology to document the CX Design.

He/she will use a uniform methodology for presenting CX Designs to Steerco and key stakeholders.

He/she will keep the overall customer journey map up-to-date.

He/she will keep track of ongoing and planned CX Designs  in an up-to-date WIP plan.


The key challenges in this function consist of:

  • Timing: CX Design Blueprints have to be ready for the first decision gates in the governance process in order to have a defining purpose in the project scope. Since the process for redesign can take from 1-3 months, an important aspect of this function is to get the necessary buy-in from business to take the redesign process into account in projects.
  • Organizing workshops with committed stakeholders from different levels in the organization (management but also front-end staff) that will deliver all the necessary insights to build the map from the inside-out
  • Commissioning VOC insights from the VOC team in time for integration in the CX Design Blueprint
  • Designing out-of-the-box experiences, not limited by traditional methods or siloed thinking.
  • Ensuring a clear understanding by business of the CX Design Blueprint so that effective change is as close as possible to the blueprint
  • Integrating a good understanding of corporate and CX strategy into the designs
  • Flagging and managing dependencies on the redesign across the company (connecting all the right dots, signaling threats and opportunities, …)
  • Creating the end-to-end view by bringing together all the customer touchpoints and ensuring a consistent customer experience throughout the different channels

Creating CX Designs takes managerial courage because it unearths weaknesses in current processes, confronts the business with the need for change, requires change in areas that aren’t prepared for it and starts more than anything with changing perspective across the business from inside-out to outside-in. He/she will have to deal with resistance to these change proposals and will have to manage attitudinal change. 


Experience in Customer Experience type functions is an absolute requirement.

  • Experience in process management is a possible alternative however must be combined with experience in customer facing management functions.
  • Since CX Design comes down to a mix of communication, system and process changes, knowledge in all of these areas is required.
  • A thorough understanding of VOC analysis and research is a must
  • Experience in change management is a definite advantage
  • The perfect candidate needs to be creative, keen to feed himself with experiences in telcos and other industries, able to begin a journey from a blank page.

An indepth understanding of how the company works, which departments do what, how these interact, governance processes, key stakeholders and the corporate strategy is required. Also a good understanding of our products, their maturity, their strengths and weaknesses, and our competitors is necessary.

He/she knows how to go into detail but always remembers the bigger picture.

Relation management and impact on the organisation

He/she needs to constantly build virtual teams, bringing people together from all areas and levels of the business and engaging them around a customer journey redesign. He/she needs to be able to get people enthusiastic, entice their creativity and lure them out-of-their-boxes in the interest of the customer. He/she needs to challenge the business and operations to question the current way of doing things without getting people on the defensive.

 He/she needs to connect en work together with different functions throughout the company. Needs input from business owners, process managers, experience colleagues within Technical & Service engineering & Service Assurance, Architecture & Gov process mgmt, Delivery, Strategy, external comms … of which most functions are working on an operational/tactical level.

Cooperation is KEY for these various roles as they need to be aligned on the way to go, the process to follow, the target to reach,…

Cooperation exists out of exchanging data, process knowledge, customer insights, … & working together towards the set ambition and level for customer experience over various products, touchpoints,…


  • Persuasive communication skills
  • A conceptual thinker able to translate this into practical ways to work with
  • Takes initiative in a way of picking-up opportunities en possibilities in a pro-active way
  • Can build strong relationships in a professional cooperative way
  • Customer focus is a natural way of thinking!


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