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mercredi 3 octobre 2018
Date limite
samedi 3 novembre 2018
Unique Brussel Arts Office
Niveau d'expérience
2 à 5 ans d'expérience
Type de contrat
Temps de travail

International Bank

Job Description

Job Description

1) Company Cars: *Answer queries from car plan participants *Compare leasing companies offers and order company cars * Follow up on insurance claims and fines * Invoices leasing companies. Verify contents, maintain files & give instructions for payment * Maintain company cars databases and files * Process personal participation and benefit in kind figures in payroll system * Order replacement cars when needed * Perform regular controls

2) Health/ Statistics: * Invoices Mensura: Verify contents & give instructions for payment * Prepare quarterly details for Mensura * Annual security report

3) Insurances: * Update database Benefits Insurances: Changes, Entries, Leavers, Special cases * Update database Benefits Insurances: Medi-Card numbers, Policy numbers

4) Insurances hospitalisation: * Request affiliation certificates and new Medi-Card’s * Dispatch Medi-Card newcomers/changes * Invoices DKV (upon receipt of invoice/mid month): Give instructions for payment + Upload electronic version * Verify contents invoices DKV * Prepare monthly files DKV Insurance (beginning of the month): Changes/ Changes Address, Entries, Leavers, Specials * Prepare letters retirees (IS+ Plan) * Prepare letters leavers (Law Verwilghen)

5) Insurances Non hospitalisation: * Check benefit statements newcomers/changes & dispatch * Introduce claims (disability&exemption) * Invoices VIVIUM (upon receipt of invoice/mid month): Give instructions for payment; Upload electronic version; Prepare document with regard to 8.86 % and ask for approval; Verify 8.86 % invoice upon receipt from Partena * Verify contents invoices VIVIUM * Prepare monthly files VIVIUM Insurance (beginning of the month): Changes/ChangesAddress, Entries, Leavers, Specials * Check benefit statements 01/04 & dispatch * Prepare yearly update file VIVIUM Insurance (April data)

6) Insurances Work accidents: * Introduce work accident declarations and follow-up on claims * Invoices law insurer: Verify contents & give instructions for payment

7) Statistics: * All statistics are made with Excel and Access

8) Stock option plan (ESPP) * Send ESPP transfer instructions to Financial * Send contributions file to Shareowner Services * Check on execution of ESPP instructions (Financial/Partena/Shareowner Services)

Job Requirements


• Bachelor degree in a relevant HR education or in Accounting, and/or you have a first experience as payroll administrator or within a company providing payroll support or in an administrative function.

• Enthusiastic team player who actively contributes in a flexible and adaptable manner

• Excellent organizational skills with the ability to work simultaneously on multiple tasks in a pressurized environment

• Strong attention to detail coupled with a high level of accuracy, affinity with numbers

• Ability to communicate professionally at all levels both verbally and in writing in English and in French and/or Dutch

• Solid knowledge and proven experience in MS Office products (Word, Excel, Access)

• Knowledge of Belgian social legislation is an asset

Salary and Benefits

Attractive Salary - International Company in the center of Brussels