Customer Service Technicien

You are responsible for the execution of the maintenance & repair works on our energy installati...
jeudi 9 mai 2019
Date limite
dimanche 23 juin 2019
Niveau d'expérience
2 à 5 ans d'expérience
Type de contrat
Temps de travail
Temps plein
Description de la fonction

-You get your maintenance tasks from the Customer Service Manager. You also execute repairs, mainly to mechanical propulsion systems and grate components. More easy assignments you pass on to subcontractors; you work on the more complex interventions yourself.
-You represent the company on site: you are the point of contact during the intervention. You answer questions and maintain good contacts with the client and subcontractors.
-If you see room for improvement, you pass your remarks on to the Customer Service Manager.
-You keep records about the worked hours, used materials, … and summarize them on the intervention performance sheet.

Exigence pour la fonction

-You have received a practical-technical education and have min. 5 years of experience with manual work. A degree is not mandatory.
-You have a good technical insight and like to solve problems.
-You are good in working in team and communicating with people.
-You are interested in industrial mechanics and are willing to work in confined spaces.
-Frequent travel and staying abroad (max. 5 working days/week) are part of the job.

Conditions de travail

You are responsible for the execution of the maintenance & repair works on our energy installations. You represent the company on-site and are the point of contact for the client and subcontractors during the interventions.

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