Offre d'emploi : STORES & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER (h/f)

Baudour, Saint-Ghislain
Salary based on experience
lundi 13 mai 2019
Date limite
jeudi 13 juin 2019
Niveau d'expérience
2 à 5 ans d'expérience
Type de contrat
Temps de travail
Temps plein
Description de la fonction

The stores & supply chain manager manages the stock officers in a conscious precious way as if he/she is the personal owner of the stock & the stock value.

The principal duty of the store & supply chain manager is to organize and monitor the work of the stock officers so that inventory levels are correct. The stores & supply chain manager is responsible for managing storage warehouse, purchase of articles as well as the delivering of products. He/she is also the warehouse assistant for car racing. As this job is new in te firm the stores & supply chain manager will introduce processes in close collaboration with the support team.

The stock manager will be directly managing a team of 2-3 stock officers and will have to attend some races during the season.


Duties will include :

  • Supervising the stock on a day-to-day basis to achieve daily performance measures and labour productivity
  • Manage the loading / unloading of vehicles following correct stock policies and procedures
  • Review, design and implement a strong and robust stock intake/outtake system
  • Investigating and advising on variances
  • Initiate, manage and monitor all stock counts and ensure all stakeholders receive accurate and timely information
  • Work closely with Support to determine best practice for frequency of ordering and stock holding level
  • Maintaining standards of Health and Safety plus Hygiene and Security in the working environment
  • Ensure all stock and stock management systems are maintained accurately
  • Manage all stock for age of stock to reduce number of downgrades and write offs


Monthly reporting :

  • The stock manager steers and helps the warehouse assistants
  • The stock manager will help in busy periods and will replace in case of holiday and illness
  • The stock manager owns the stock and manages it with proud
  • Maintains good relations with our SW provider and work close with them in order to optimize collaboration at all times
Exigence pour la fonction

Essential Skills :

  • Strong organization and planning capacities
  • The stock manager finds fulfillment in helping other people (clients, colleagues, management…)
  • Training of colleagues is a pleasure and a must
  • Strong in organization, shipment and reception of products
  • IT proficient, with the ability to learn software packages
    Ability to prioritize work activities to ensure Customer expectations are met
  • Experience of Stock Taking & Stock Control
  • Analytical & problem solving skills
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to liaise with all levels
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Strong in writing, implementing, maintaining and controlling processes
  • Strong Excel skills to produce reports
  • A flexible “can do” & “Will Do” attitude : the ideal candidate will be an outgoingperson with strong leadership qualities
  • Ability to prioritize work activities to ensure Customer expectations are met
  • Negotiation skills in order to negotiate internally and externally in a correct polite manner


Responsibilities :

  • The stores & supply chain manager manager is responsible and accountable for the management of the stock and will be the warehouse assistant for the DTM-program
  • The stores & supply chain manager delivers monthly reports to the management team
  • With the introduction of processes and dash boarding stock will be managed in such a way that a minimum is respected but overload and thus risk of devaluation is avoided
  • In order to fulfil this role, the stock manager will have full support of the CEO as well as the mgm team
Conditions de travail
  • Salary based on experience

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