QC Assistant (H/F)

Un contrat interim en vue d'engagement ! 
vendredi 5 juillet 2019
Date limite
lundi 19 août 2019
Niveau d'expérience
2 à 5 ans d'expérience
Type de contrat
Temps de travail
Temps plein
Description de la fonction
  • Establish and carry out the quality controls required to ensure the quality of finished products and meet customer expectations and meet legal requirements.
  • Carry out all necessary controls during IMP production activities.
  • Verify that the appropriate validation/qualification has been done before giving the greenlight to start IMP production activities.
  • Write the specifications for the starting material and for packaging material purchased by CSM.
  • Write sampling instructions or other Quality Control procedures.
  • Control, approve or reject starting material and/or packaging material.
  • Perform Batch Record Review pre and post production.
  • If required, take representative samples of the batch for analysis or for retention (before, during, after packaging).
  • Verify the conformity of retention samples to ensure that products are conform.
  • Verify the conformity of text for the model labels printed at CSM/label proofs provided by supplier to ensure the labels are conforms with the local regulation.
  • Check the labels/code breaking envelopes printed by CSM.
  • Ensure that a timely and effective communication and escalation process exists in case of quality issues.
  • Contributes to the quality department's activities to ensure continuity of operations.
Exigence pour la fonction
  • High organizational and planning skills
  • French and English; any additional language is an asset.
  • Good dose of assertiveness.
  • Statistical knowledge
  • Analytical mind
  • Good computer skills : Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint...
  • Team worker and team spirit
  • Customer oriented
  • Excellent communication and intercultural skills
  • A critical eye for details; not taking things for granted
  • Open minded but critical and analytical reasoning
  • Sufficient authority or influence on collaborators
  • Diplomacy
  • Able to interpret in process control (IPC) results generated by production staff
Conditions de travail

Un contrat interim en vue d'engagement !