Offre d'emploi : Warehouse Worker/Truck Driver

Bruxelles-Capitale (BE)
€2,661 gross/month
lundi 8 février 2021
Date limite
jeudi 25 février 2021
Niveau d'expérience
Non communiqué
Type de contrat
Temps de travail
Temps plein
Langue(s) souhaitée(s)
Anglais, Français, Néerlandais

Warehouseman and chauffeur.


Moves incoming items from delivery trucks or individuals to inspection point and from there to storage areas, using hand trucks, fork-lift trucks and other material handling equipment, stores items in bins or on shelves making best use of available space. Opens and properly repacks items before and after inspection. Loading and unloading of trucks, vans and containers with USG furniture and goods. Delivery of goods by van. Fills out vehicle logbook and is responsible for the vehicle. Cleans and washes appliances. Sorts items for delivery ; prepares supplies and equipment for issue to all agencies within the Tri-Mission in support of over 1500 customers. Performs internal warehouse work such as sweeping, minor repair work, painting, answering the telephone, arranging and re-arranging supplies. Keeps warehouse neat, all items properly stored and provides for regular stock rotation of all items on a continuing basis as each new delivery arrives and each new requisition filled; verifies documents before issuing items from above-mentioned stock or before receiving items. Performs delivery services for VIP visits to Brussels, including work on weekends or nights, as necessary to the visit.


Drives the warehouse truck (or any other vehicle provided by the motor pool); loads, unloads and delivers supplies of office and household furniture and equipment using fork-lift trucks, hand trucks and other handling equipment. Manages crew assigned for deliveries. Deliveries are usually to and from Zaventem to various American missions and agencies usually in the Brussels area, or in Antwerp and Casteau, and occasionally abroad e.g. Luxemburg. Keeps the warehouse truck neat, clean and safe, through regular vacuuming, weekly washing, seeing that it is stocked with the required fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, maps etc., that it has all the required documentation in glove compartment (Benelux 4, insurance report forms, CT, etc.), and that it is in good operating condition (checking on lights, tires, battery and radiator water levels, etc.) prior to each use. Loads furniture and other supplies on the truck in order to avoid damage to goods or to truck. Is responsible for all outside operations of the warehouse, i.e., during transportation and on location. Assists and supervises crew when assigned (1 to 2 people) while performing their duties outside the Warehouse.

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