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Data is the new gold and we are looking for gold-diggers. Not the old ‘cowboy’ type, but the new kind of smart people who can find and extract the datawherever it resides. Who can mine it and turn it into something useful. Who can create wonderful, shiny things with it.

Your goal is to create end-to-end, integrated data solutions. You will help our customers realize this from a functional and/or technicalstandpoint. Some of us even approach the data challenge more strategically: by talking to senior management on how to truly become a data-driven organization! That also means, from time to time, to evangelize the data gospel to the business community.

A must-have-trait is a deep passion for data. Got that? Then let’s talk.

What will you be doing as a data & analytics consultant?

As data & analytics consultant, you’re welcome to work on one, multiple or even all of these 4 key domains of data & analytics:

  1. Data capturing. You extract and bring together as much structured, semi- and unstructured data as possible, wherever it may reside. You unlock different types of data resources. Set up data lakes or warehouses. Create on-premise and cloud implementations. And more. Some of the systems that help you do this are Azure Data Factory, SQL Server Integration Services, SAP Data Warehousing (BW4 and HANA Native), Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake and more.
  2. Data and information management. You not only integrate and enrichdata, you also manage the data architecture, modelling, governance, quality and security. Hereby you also design and optimize processes. Systems you regularly deploy for this are SQL Server, SAP HANA, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP MDG, Winshuttle, Profisee suite and more. You’ll also use the newest and latest technologies on data governance.
  3. Visualization. You make sure the data is properly visualized, both content- and design-wise. You set up interactive reports and dashboards, fully mobile enabled. Agility is key here too! You’re able to use self-service analytics tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud, Power BI or Tableau to achieve that.
  4. Analytics and data science. You help your customers generate the right type of insights. From reporting on past events or handling large volumes of data (you can think in the multi-TB range) to predicting and even prescribing future events (the data science part). This is where the ‘data rubber’ hits the ‘analytics road’. Not an easy taskin a complex, multi-platform data environment. Robovision, DataStories, Azure Machine Learning Services, Azure Databricks , SAP Data Intelligence, R or Python are at your disposal.

As a data & analytics consultant, you never stop learning. You can stay up to date on the latest advances in AI, IoT, machine learning and any other technological innovation which spawns data (which is literally ‘every technological innovation’!). Taking the lead in projects or taking up a role as coach within the team is also possible to broaden your experience.

Know that as a delaware consultant, you’ll be able to do all this for a wide variety of medium to large-sized companies, across every type of industry, locally as well as internationally.

Do you have what it takes to become a delaware data & analytics consultant?

  • Are you passionate about data and what it can mean to organizations of all sorts? Do you have a track record of 3+ years in Business Intelligence, Big Data or data science? Maybe you’ve been active in master data solutions, data quality governance or another data & analytics domain? Are you at least willing to take a deep dive into one or multiple data & analytics domains?
  • Are you solution-mindedby nature? A good communicator? Someone with an analytical mindset who can translate the bits and bytes of data in such a way that a business person can understand it?
  • Do you have experience with agile ways of working? Have you already worked with some of the tools and platforms mentioned above?
  • Are you fluent in Dutch or French and English?

Then we could be a match! And you should get in touch

Want to discover more?

Find out more about us on our website and blog. You’ll get a sense of what it’s like to work for us, but we’re even nicer in real life!

So come see us in Antwerpen, Gent, Kortrijk, Lummen, Liège or Wavre.

Delaware est une société internationale d’origine belge active dans la mise en œuvre de solutions technologiques de pointe dans des entreprises à la recherche d'un avantage concurrentiel durable.

Nous guidons nos clients tout au long de leur transformation digitale, en nous appuyant sur les écosystèmes de nos principaux partenaires : SAP, Microsoft, OpenText, Sitecore et Aprimo.

Outre le déploiement de logiciels de gestion d’entreprise, d’applications de productivité personnelle comme Office 365 et de solutions analytiques, delaware aide un nombre croissant de clients à innover sur les terrains prometteurs de la digitalisation tels que l’intelligence artificielle, la réalité virtuelle ou l’Internet des Objets (IoT).

delaware combine ses expertises technologique et business au service d’entreprises de secteurs très divers : agroalimentaire, aéronautique, pharmacie, automobile, métallurgie, assurances, services, entreprises d’utilité publique, etc.

En forte croissance, l’entreprise emploie plus de 3000 #peopleofdelaware dans une douzaine de pays

Rejoignez-nous !

« Nous faisons le lien entre les RH et l’IT. D’un côté, nous apportons une expertise business et donnons une dimension humaine à l’IT. De l’autre, nous ajoutons une structure, aidons à définir les priorités et construisons une collaboration à travers la technologie dans le monde des RH. C’est une vie passionnante faite d’apprentissage continu et de partage. »

Emmanuelle Blaize
HRIS Professional

« La consultance est pour moi un levier pour constamment apprendre et améliorer mes compétences techniques et interpersonnelles. Avec mon chef d’équipe et mes collègues, nous travaillons en permanence sur de nouvelles idées pour mieux nous positionner sur le marché. »

Rémi Dubois
Data & Analytics Consultant

« En tant que consultante en Change & Communication et en utilisant l’expérience acquise dans d’autres secteurs, je peux aider les utilisateurs à avoir moins de migraines quand ils doivent s’adapter à de nouveaux outils IT... ! C’est passionnant. En plus, il y a comme une chaîne de transmission : l’attention que je reçois chez delaware, je peux la transmettre chez les clients. C’est magique.”

Marie-Dominique Vanderhallen
Change & Communication Manager

Rejoignez-nous !

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