Offre d'emploi : Cargo Officer

Cargo Officer

Department: Operational Prepared by: Coastair

Last change date: 27/10/2022

Job context  

He/she is in charge to collect documents, record and follow-up the administrative task related to the goods that are circulating in the warehouse.

Position in the organization  


Job Purpose / Rational for the position

The purpose of the Cargo Officer’s work is to ensure the customers/drivers get a professional approach and follow up .

Job Requirements  

Knowledge / Know-how  

  • He/she has an confirmed experience in cargo administration.

Technical Skills  

  • Security regulated agent certificate ;
  • Dangerous goods regulations certificate (Category 6) ;
  • Computer confirmed skills (Office 365,…).


  • Communication skills ;
  • Administration Skills ;
  • Manage priorities ;
  • Quick learning and application off the processes ;
  • Organized ;
  • Detailed oriented, rigorous ;
  • Team player ;
  • Stress resistant Flexible.

Language Skills

  • Fluent English and French, Dutch is a plus.


Customer Focus 3

  • Responds adequately to the customer's request.
  • Always remains friendly, even when the customer has a complaint.
  • Provides a concrete solution to the problem raised by the customer.
  • Gives the customer transparent advice or refers him to the competent persons or services.
  • Contacts the customer himself, if necessary.
  • Demonstrates a professional approach.

Professional Orientation 3

  • Masters his profession.
  • Practices his profession professionally.
  • Maintains and improves his own knowledge and skills.
  • Knows what has to be done and how it should be done.

Plan & Organize 3

  • Plans and organizes work effectively.
  • Brings order, structure and regularity to the work to be done and thus obtains an overview.
  • Set objectives, priorities and time allocation.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Administrate the documents and follow-up of the handling of goods
    • Ensure the accuracy of the documentation accompanying the goods.
    • Follow up on the security of the goods in compliance with the security rules.
    • Record the movement of goods in and out of the digital system.
    • Acceptance of dangerous goods in accordance with IATA rules.
    • Correcting information where necessary.
    • Issuance of customs documents or requests to customs agencies.
    • Gathering proper documentation for outbound cargo.
    • Tracing - tracking status of goods.
    • Follow up on palletization in order to issue a cargo manifest and a correct NOTOC.
    • Sort and file various documents.
  • Taking care of the customers
    • He/she is responsible for the customer professional reception of customers and suppliers in the organization.
    • He/she is responsible for a correct telephone assistance for both customers and suppliers.
    • He/she shows suppliers the way in the organization.
    • Processing custom requests.
    • Processing of information provided by customers (E.g. booking, allocation,…).
  • Communicate with colleagues, Cargo Office Executive and customer and different departments
    • Inform the appropriate customer/department in the event of missing documentation.
    • Inform the customs agency/customs of the movement of the goods.
    • Ensure that the necessary information is transmitted for invoicing purposes.
    • Communicate corrected information when necessary.
    • Report and communicate any incident or discrepancy related to the goods.
    • Transmission of directives to the warehouse by preparing the necessary documents for the activity (loading/unloading of trucks; instructions for construction).
    • Ensure monitoring of equipment stock (ULD) and check in collaboration with warehouse supervisor (daily inventory of freight present in the warehouse).

Work-related concerns  

  • Being aware of prolonged screen work ;
  • Being aware of long-term sedentary work ;
  • Being aware that the above list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented by tasks that are related to your knowledge, capacities/abilities and linked to the work environment.




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